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Undergrads of the DT lab

January 28, 2012

This term is going to be… challenging.  In a good way.

On the first Wednesday of the term, I got up extra early to go to my very first spinning/cycling class at the rec center.  It was a ton of fun!  The instructor was awesome, the music was fun, and I was done and showered just in time go TA my gen chem lab at 8am.  We also have group meetings on Wednesday evenings, and this week was exciting because a former undergrad who worked in our lab, Ben, was back in town for a few days.  He came to group meeting, and when he asked what Sarah and I were doing for dinner, we invited him over our place.CIMG0682

We made butternut squash risotto, spicy kale chips (sorry they were too spicy, Ben), I had beets, and we had a selection of sausages from Cappella market.  Mmm so good!  They were chicken and turkey sausages and had delicious fillings such as cheese, apple, sundried tomato…CIMG0680

Just another randomly awesome Wednesday.

Another undergrad who currently works in our lab is Toby, pizza chef extraordinaire at La Perla, my favorite pizza place in town.  Sometimes he makes our pizzas, but tonight he had just ended his shift and actually got to sit down and enjoy a drink with us.CIMG0683

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