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NYE 2012

January 14, 2012

CIMG0645This picture sums up the weekend around New Year’s, spent at a house in Bandon, OR.  So much food, relaxing, Dominion, wine, beach, and dogs.  Thanks Jen for the toe socks!

The night we arrived, Sarah and I made one of our dinner specialties, spicy shrimp and chorizo skewers with couscous and cucumber-yogurt salad.  Despite a dying grill, we still pulled it off!CIMG0621

CIMG0620There were mirrors everywhere in this house.

From the outside, the house looks like a funky modern place (it’s on the far right):CIMG0653

But step inside, and you’re transported to a funky 70’s style… villa?  Complete with a fountain.CIMG0628How soothing.

The view from the kitchen window:CIMG0625

We had some absolutely delicious meals while we were there.  I think I was full for 4 days straight, but everything was so good I had to try it all!  Breakfasts included frozen Off The Waffle waffles, muesli (how did I not take a picture of that?  It was so good!), bacon, eggs, breakfast sandwiches with sausage, crêpes…CIMG0624

Even Luke wants a crêpe, or maybe just the Nutella (photo courtesy of Ed).DSC_0724

We went out to lunch one day in Old Town Bandon.CIMG0633

That night we had pork chops.CIMG0636

With mashed potatoes and a salad with hazelnut-encrusted goat cheese!CIMG0634

On New Year’s Day Ed grilled a beer-can chicken:CIMG0646

And we explored the beach.CIMG0649

On the way down from a rock I climbed:


That night we had the most amazing chicken noodle soup with the beer-can chicken and homemade noodles.CIMG0659

It was an early dinner (I think it was supposed to be lunch, actually), so later in the night some people (ZK) got hungry and ate pork chops.  On a waffle.CIMG0661

The next day was suuuuper windy, which unfortunately killed our plans for horseback riding on the beach.  But we did see some awesome rainbows.CIMG0662

The last night ZK and Erin made a delicious baked ziti, and I contributed roasted garlic/rosemary bread.CIMG0664

On the day we left, we stopped by a state park to explore the beach (photo courtesy ZK).P1090443

Thanks to all for the best way to return from a vacation – by having another vacation!  I feel ready to tackle the semester now…

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