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Punch in the face steaks

November 25, 2011

Sometimes you just need steak and potatoes.  On a Tuesday.  At 9pm.

We grilled these little sirloins à la Zemke with rosemary (the last of the dried rosemary from the bush outside Jen’s old apartment) and roasted garlic.  Being impatient and late, the garlic wasn’t as roasty and therefore not as smooshy as it could have been, but still delicious.

Baked potatoes = so simple and good.

Kale chips!  There was only one week off between the summer and winter CSA, so now the winter one’s started back up with kale, of course.  And SO MANY wheat ryeberries.


We decided we wanted a special wine, so we opened the “punch in the face” syrah from Granville Island in Vancouver, BC.  It brought back fond memories of vertical snowshoe hiking, gnawing on arms because of hunger while walking 600 km through drug-city, and finally finding paradise at the market and wine shops of the island.  This wine was GOOD.  I spent much of the night trying to come up with how to describe the spicy (chocolate? clove?) notes in the wine, to little success.


Guess I just need to practice with more wine.

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