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Patience on Friday

October 22, 2011

Fridays are always my favorite days.  Saturdays are pretty awesome too, but there’s just so much anticipation on Fridays for the weekend ahead that makes them so exciting.  I knew this Friday was going to be a good one, and that turned out exactly right.

First Sarah and I went out to Sweet Basil for lunch with Erica.  Of course I didn’t remember to take a picture of our food before it was all gone (so difficult to do when you’re hungry!), so here’s a picture of Erica and me (and a random background dude) after we were full on cashew chicken and pad see ew, respectively.


The day continued in typical Friday form with seminar and tea, then it was time to go to dinner with Maisha at Izakaya Meiji, the infamous whiskey bar.  Unfortunately the service was very slow, as in our food came out at such different times that we all basically ate by ourselves while the other people watched, with really long gaps inbetween.  But the food and drinks were super-tasty, as usual.

I started with a Sheep Dip scotch, purely because I liked the name.  It was ok, but not fantastic.  First to arrive was this this tower of spinach:


The dish was chilled spinach was packed into a log.  The sesame sauce was good but way too salty.  I’m blaming my early-the-next-morning-calf-cramps on electrolyte imbalance from this dish.  Up next was the ahi tuna, perfectly seared in a delicious citrusy sauce with a basil leaf.  I also stole a bunch of Sarah’s fries with wasabi mayonnaise, yum.


We went to Sweet Life after dinner and I had a slice of mocha orange torte which was FANTASTIC.  Everything there is always so good, but this cake has to be one of my favorites.  Strong orange flavor, rich dark chocolate… I was too excited to take a picture.

Our last stop on our tour of the Whiteaker district was Sam Bond’s Garage.  Great local bar, usually featuring live music, and tonight the Ryan Montbleau band was playing!!  I first saw him ages ago with Camille when we were in high school, and then a few other times (at Colby, Passim, the Paradise?).  Such a great performer.  His show this time had a lot of upbeat tunes that the band could rock out to, which aren’t my favorite.  The crowd seemed to love it though, because they were dancing all night.  Towards the end the bass player switched over to stand-up and I liked those more acoustic songs much better.  “Stretch” will always be a favorite song of mine:

I know that I could fly the highest

if I’m only given the time, the time

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