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Beet, beet, sugar beet…

October 15, 2011

Last weekend I made coconut curry butternut soup, and it was fantastic.  It took a little planning ahead since there were beans to soak overnight and 4 hours of simmering, but otherwise it was really easy AND delicious.

Step 1:  soak Open Oak brown Swedish marfax beans overnight in crockpot.

Step 2:  drain, rinse, and cook beans until they start to get soft (possibly unnecessary, but I’ve been having issues with undercooked beans lately so I thought I’d play it safe).

Step 3:  add chopped (raw) butternut, carrots, celery, whole garlics, coconut milk, veg broth (made and frozen from… spring?), curry powder, and garam masala (leftover from the Indian extravaganza).

Step 4:  go do something else for 4 hours while it simmers.

Step 5:  add goat cheese and blend.

Step 6:  garnishes!  roasted beets and yogurt are awesome in this.  The pink juice from the beets gets all swirly as it’s mixed.  Also good on top of spinach.

I got over-excited and filled this bowl up too much. I was very full.

I can’t remember the last time I followed a recipe exactly as it said.  There are always a few missing ingredients or things I want to add/substitute, and quantities are almost always estimated (I’m a little more careful when it comes to baking).  The only changes I made to this one were the type of beans and the goat cheese instead of whipping cream.

Beer pairing:  New Belgium’s Hoptoberfest.  Pretty good, nothing special.  Not too hoppy.

Not Febtober, Hoptober!


A while ago I made some tomato sauce with tomatoes and basil from Open Oak Farm.  It was OK as a sauce on pasta, but it was kind of liquidy (I didn’t have any tomato paste to add), so I strained it and used it as pizza sauce.  Result:  best pizza I’ve ever made.  The dough was old (the end of its 2-week lifespan) so it didn’t rise very much, which made it extra crispy.  When I realized how much dough I had, I didn’t cut it into two pieces like a normal person, but instead made one giant pizza, which made delivery into the oven very tricky (I need a pizza peel!).  So it was a little misshapen and had a few holes in it, but still fantastic.  The only toppings were cheese and shiitake mushrooms.

Deformed delicious pizza.

With a salad of cooked green beans, beets, nuts, and goat cheese.  I ate a lot of beets last week.

New Tabbybowl!

I picked up the new blue/green bowl from Tabby’s booth at a pottery show.  The picture below is not her stuff, but I liked the colors a lot.

Clayfest 2011.

Close-up of tumblers.

And ending with a random picture of Sarah and Maisha with their matching white shirts and purple scarves (unplanned):

Lab fashion.

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