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Desperately seeking bunkers

October 3, 2011

The nice weather stuck around for a little longer after all, but we knew it wouldn’t last long.  For the last hurrah of the summer, Ed & Maggie and Rick & Tabby invited Sarah and me to go camping near Cape Arago, on the Oregon coast near Coos Bay/Charleston.  We were able to duck out of work early on Friday since our advisor was out of town, and fueled by espresso milkshakes, we drove out of Eugene at a reasonable hour.  We arrived at Sunset Bay State Park with just enough light to pitch the tent and joined the rest of the crew (plus Ed & Maggie’s new roommate Eric and their giant, adorable great danes, Luke and Leia) for sausages and corn cooked on the campfire.  And of course blackberry cobbler for dessert.

Satellite campsite. Thanks Bryan and Kara for the tent!

The next morning we made French toast with challah bread (mmm) and set off on what ended up being an Epic Hike.  Here’s what the plan was:

A chill walk up the coast with sandwiches packed for lunch.  Tabby’s foot has been bugging her so she was going to drive part way up with the food, join us for a short loop, we would eat, and then either walk or drive back with her.

This is what actually happened:

We left Sunset Bay in high spirits.  The weather along the coast was much cooler than in Eugene, and it was misty/foggy for most of the day.

Luke at Sunset Bay.

The map said it was 2 miles to Shore Acres State Park, where the former owner of all this property had a mansion and the beautiful gardens are still maintained, and another 2 miles to Cape Arago.  I think that was inaccurate because the first bit to Shore Acres flew by, once we found the right trail.

Along the hike.

Awesome overturned tree. See Sarah's blog for pictures of us climbing it!

Sea lions!

We met Tabby at Shore Acres and continued south.  We had been following the coast pretty tightly up until now, staying up on the cliffs looking down at the ocean.  Now we ventured off into the woods and hills farther inland.  We were still doing ok when we got to Cape Arago, but the hills and the well-past-noon hour were starting to make us hungry.  The beach was beautiful, though.

Cape Arago. WHY WHY WHY did we not bring the sandwiches to eat HERE?

Ed on a log.

Maggie and the dogs.

Luke digging in the sand.

Tired Leia.

To get back to camp we wanted to take a different route for variety, but also because Rick had heard there were supposed to be old World War II bunkers along the trail!  We headed back into the woods, up and down the steep hills, becoming more and more hungry, tired, and cranky, and still no bunkers in sight.  We weren’t even sure that we were on a  trail that would lead us back to lunch.  Finally, we saw something among the trees that was not natural…

Is that what I think it is?

The much-anticipated bunkers.

Ok, the bunkers were pretty neat.  Worth the long and hungry hike?  Perhaps.  But man did those BLTs taste good when we returned!

That evening (ie, as soon as we got back from the hike) we made kebabs for dinner.  There were at least three (four?) types of meat, a ton of vegetables, pita, tzatziki, and plum cobbler.  I strummed the guitar for a while during prep, but it was not nearly as much fun as when Jen’s there with me.  After dinner we went down to the beach to “SEE THE STARS!!” but it was cloudy.  Instead, I got tackled by Tabby multiple times.  It rained that night – gross!  But the tent kept us nice and dry, and by morning it was clear enough to make some cinnamon banana pancakes (we always eat well with this group).

Thanks everyone for a great weekend!

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  1. October 4, 2011 7:56 am

    Ahhh! Check my blog for photos of us climbing the tree? The pressure! I’m still blogging about what happened in July! You’ll have to alert your followers when I finally make it to October.

    Also, there was definitely four kinds of meat for kebabs. Leave it to Rick… Well I guess leave it to Ed too…there were definitely four choices of sausages for Friday night. Whew.

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