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You just roll around Denver all day

September 10, 2011

August 28 – September 1:  ACS conference in Denver, CO.

We came.  We talked.  We postered.

Colorado Convention Center, complete with big blue bear.

When we weren’t hanging out in the convention center, we spent our time wandering around the pedestrian mall, eating froyo, drinking beer, or feeling like we were in the movies when we were hanging out with DT.

Across from the CCC was a bar/restaurant appropriately named Pi. Guess what time happy hour starts?

September 1-4:  Sarah and I escaped to Boulder.  Sadly Christine was no longer in town, but we managed to have a good time nonetheless.  Of course we went to the Boulder Dushanbe Tea House.

I almost went to school at CU Boulder because of how awesome this place is (but glad that I didn't).

We had tea, delicious dinners, and couldn’t resist some desserts.

Jasmine green tea.

I wish I could remember more details of this. Some sort of curry and tofu in a crepe with lentils and a cucumber yogurt sauce.

We biked up the creek path on these fabulous rent-a-cruisers, saw a deer, and walked up and down Pearl St.

Along the path.

Pearl St., complete with Flat Irons and hippies.

I got excited about mountains when we were cutting through the campus.

Happy to be frolicking in Boulder.

On Saturday we rented a car and drove to Rocky Mountain National Park (stopping in Nederland to grab sandwiches for later).  We went up a crazy old one-way dirt road that was windy and steep and narrow.  I don’t have any pictures of this because I was clutching the steering wheel quite tightly, but I did see a marmot at one point!  At the top we rejoined the main road (and all the other cars) and saw a herd of elk!  The views were awesome all day.

Somewhere around 12,000 ft.

The herd.

Lord of the Rings-esque.

We finished up the day with a short hike in a different part of the park, stopping at Nymph Lake, Dream Lake (my favorite from the last time I was here in 2008 on the way to Oregon), and Emerald Lake.

Dream Lake.

Emerald Lake.

The next day we had an early morning flight out of Denver, ran through the San Francisco airport to catch our flight (unnecessary), and did Sunday things when we got home (laundry, going out to lunch, grocery shopping, a wine and cheese party).  Overall it was a very successful and fun trip!

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  1. mariachristinacecilia permalink
    September 14, 2011 4:25 am

    Looks like an awesome trip! Great pics! The food looks amazing, and I love the frolicking picture as well as the lake pictures. Traveling with DT must definitely feel like being in a movie of some kind. So far I’m a huge fan of the Chantey blog.

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